Kathy Reichs’ ‘Bones Never Lie’

Bones never lieThe latest installment in Kathy Reichs’ long running crime series featuring forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan, ‘Bones Never Lie’, continues in the vein of her previous novels – fast paced, full of twists and turns and a great main character that readers can relate to.

When young girls start showing up dead in circumstances that are strikingly similar to one of Tempe’s old cases, she is forced to face her demons as she, along with her team, try to catch ‘the one that got away’.

This ‘one that got away’ is a sadistic killer with every reason to hold a grudge against Tempe. But is the same person behind this latest spate of killings? With little evidence to go on, Tempe goes back over every detail of her old files, hoping to find the one thing that will break the case. But it’s not long before things get personal – and Tempe has to fight tooth and nail to stop the culprit before it’s too late.

There are plenty of red herrings designed to throw you off the scent, although if you’ve read enough of this genre you know the first major suspect is never the right one. I found the big twist at the end a tad hard to believe – but it certainly helped to keep me confused, even if I did have my suspicions from fairly early on.

I haven’t read the whole series, just odd books here and there, probably out of order. Despite there being numerous references to a case that I assume occurs in one of the earlier novels, the storyline was easy to pick up and follow, making this a great summer read.


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