February wrap up

Compared to January, which was a really good reading month for me, February was definitely a bad month! I managed to read just three new books.

One of these was the latest book in the Peter Grant series by Ben Aaronovitch. I was really looking forward to reading this one as I loved the first few in the series, but even though I did enjoy this one, I feel like after six books the series is getting a little repetitive and might need a bit of something different to give it life again.

I’m blaming this on the fact that February was a shorter month, and the days just seemed to fly by. I had a lot on at weekends in February as well, so my reading time was eaten into. I’m also struggling at the moment to find a really good book to get into. I’m finding myself reading the news or browsing social media instead of picking up a book on my commute – which is usually prime reading time for me – so that might have something to do with my lack of productivity!

As well as the new books that I managed to read though, I did re-read the first five books in the Throne of Glass series, as I’d completely forgotten what happened and wanted to catch up before reading the latest one. If you count these into my stats, February actually wasn’t that bad. But in general, I don’t include re-reads in my Goodreads totals.

I feel like other people might have different views on this though – does anyone else include rereads? I don’t reread books that often and when I do, I tend to read them faster and skim read sections that don’t interest me, so they don’t feel like ‘proper’ reads.

Books read:

  • Nameless, T. C. Edge
  • The Witchfinder’s Sister, Beth Underdown
  • The Hanging Tree, Ben Aaronovitch

Blog posts published:

Goodreads Challenge 2018 progress: 15/80

I hope everyone else had a great February! What were some of your favourite reads last month? Any plans for March?


3 thoughts on “February wrap up

  1. I only read the 1st Peter Grant book, and now i have book 3, so that series is still on hold for me… 😀

    Reading slump is a thing i rarely have, but when i do, i usually resort to binge watching TV series 😀

  2. Your re-reads totally count! They’ve got the word read in them, don’t they? 😛 I also blame February’s lack of days on my total lack of productivity. We should ban together and overthrow the gimpy, short month in the name of more time! Or, you know, just plan better, I guess? I don’t know.

    My favorite read last month would have to be The Cruel Prince (because I’m a little behind releases lol) because it’s all dark and stabby betrayal and so much yes. I also really liked Wintersong and Shadowsong, which were also lovely and dark, but less stabby, and quite swoon-worthy.

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