Prima ballerina in the making!

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m always looking for new sports or hobbies to try my hand at. With it being a new year, I thought I’d have a go at something totally different. That’s why this week I went to my first ever ballet class. Dance school KNT Danceworks runs regular adults beginners sessions aimed at those with little or no previous experience at the The Dancehouse theatre on Oxford Road, home of the prestigious Northern Ballet School. The classes are run in the evening on a drop in basis and cost just £5 a session, which in my opinion is excellent value.

Lasting around an hour, the beginners class  introduces ballet basics – including feet and hand positions – which was incredibly useful for those like me who hadn’t done any ballet since primary school. Given that it was the first week of classes in January, the class was full of first timers trying something new for a new year, so it was the perfect time to start. As well as barre work, basic exercises and stretching, I also learnt to demi-plié, chasse, pas de chat and Rond de Jambe. The instructor was great and made the unfamiliar moves really accessible to newbies. The class then progressed to then putting all of these moves together in a variety of combinations and exercises that made me feel like graceful and like a real ballet dancer – although I’m sure it didn’t look that way to outsiders!

It was great exercise as well, although at the time I was concentrating too hard on getting my feet and leg positions correct to notice that I was really working up a sweat. The real proof was in the aching calves, ankles and tummy muscles the next day. I’ll definitely be going back next week and hopefully I’ll be up on my pointes in no time!


Hello world!

As this is my very first blog post, I thought I’d take the time to introduce myself, my life and my thoughts on blogging. I’m 24 and graduated from the University of Manchester with a 2:1 in History in 2010. Since then, I’ve been working in PR at a full service marketing communications agency based in the centre of Manchester. I’m originally from Southampton, so Manchester was a big move for me and ever since I graduated, I’ve been saying that my goal is to move back down south again and to (hopefully) work in London. My current job is great and I’ve learnt a hell of a lot and taken on a fair bit of responsibility, but I work mainly in the business to business arena and although I do spend most of my days writing, much of this is usually about the next big thing in DIY tools or plastic packaging. So I’ve decided that when the big move finally occurs I’m going to try and move into a career that I’m more passionate about.

For me, that’s what this blog is all about. My life outside of work is books, reading, writing, finding new places to go and new places to see. Hopefully, this blog will express some of those views and will help inspire others through its reviews.

I’m a book fanatic and so there’s naturally going to be a big focus on literature and the such like, but I hope that keeping a blog will also encourage me to try and experience some of the weird and wonderful things that Manchester, London and everywhere else in the UK have to offer – at the very least it’ll make for an interesting post! I’m also by my own admission a bit of a serial fadder when it comes to sports and hobbies. I’ve tried my hand at lot of things, from military fitness classes to Bikram Yoga to ballet, and I’m sure I won’t stop at that. But I’ll keep updating as I go along and hopefully soon I’ll find something that sticks!